Elsewhere: Pre-Caucus Allegations, Huckabee's Norris, Silver's Other Job

010308 superman web Elsewhere: Pre Caucus Allegations, Huckabee's Norris, Silver's Other Job Now that there’s been all-around denial of the Biden-Obama deal for second-choice caucusers, The Caucus blog reports one between Obama and Richardson.

George W. Bush won’t be staying up late to watch caucus results come in.

Rudy Giuliani doesn’t take a ride on a Segway.

Bob Schieffer does.

But Giuliani is trying to stay relevant today.

A Romney campaign volunteer alleges dirty tricks.

Mitt Romney says in response to very spirited remarks from the Huckabee campaign, “don’t touch the hair.”

A roving magician will entertain people fleeing Iowa at the Des Moines airport tomorrow.

Bronx County Clerk Hector Diaz has officially become the city clerk.

The New Hampshire attorney general’s office reports that they won’t know about the Mormon push-polls until after the primary.

The McCain campaign is irked by Ron Paul, while Paul is excited to have McCain’s attention.

McCain has two new ads.

Every Mike Huckabee New Hampshire event will have Chuck Norris.

Christine Todd Whitman, whose daughter is running for Congress, says that the meeting in Oklahoma is not a Draft Bloomberg meeting.

That raise for the executive director of the state Public Integrity Commission was announced at a public meeting.

Joe Bruno wants to eliminate some property taxes.

Sheldon Silver is keeping his second job, of which there aren’t many details.

Karol Sheinin endorses Giuliani, but says he "probably won’t win the nomination."

And pictured above are Superman (an Obama supporter) and his mom (a Clinton supporter) in Iowa.