Elsewhere: The Voice, The Race Issue, The Draft

Hillary Clinton has a “finding her voice” ad.

Joshua Levy looks at whether online behavior of voters is now a better election predictor than polls in some ways.

State Senate Republicans may be getting ready for a showdown with Eliot Spitzer over prison closings.

Mitt Romney thinks Michigan is the “Pride of America.”

And Daily Kos is urging Democrats to vote for him.

But John McCain is “Michigan Endorsed.”

And endorsed by The Tampa Tribune.

He is also now statistically tied with Rudy Giuliani in New York.

The racial tenor of the presidential race has changed, says Ben.

Huckabee brings conservative pundit James Pinkerton on board as a senior adviser.

John Kaehny wants to know why most news about congestion pricing tends to focus on only one part of public opinion.

The Financial Times carries this headline: “Irritation at Bloomberg Dallying.”

Noam Scheiber goes out on a limb and says Obama is going to win the African American vote in South Carolina “by an overwhelming margin” with or without Jim Clyburn.

The New York State Education Department gets an “A.”

Upstate needs a new term for “smart growth,” writes Bahman Baviford in the Buffalo News.

Ben starts getting into Bloomberg pollster Doug Schoen’s book.

Mike Huckabee thinks Fred Thompson needs some Metamusil. (Yes, that’s really what he said.)

This is what the start of the Assembly legislative session looks like.

Human Events endorses Fred Thompson.

Chuck Schumer says the Mets are looking at putting their top minor league team in Syracuse.

Spitzer announces a $2 million grant to a Rochester biotech company.

Taegan Goddard has some key findings from Playboy’s annual politics of sex poll.

And above, Azi’s mom–a New Yorker who likes the idea of a Bloomberg presidential bid–critiques the mayor’s responses to her son’s question at a press conference.

Elsewhere: The Voice, The Race Issue, The Draft