Ex Fox News Gal Exonerated? Canadian Police Drop Investigation of Rachel Marsden

Last time we heard of Rachel Marsden–the sassy conservative Canadian pundit and co-host of Fox News’ late night show Red Eye–she was being escorted out of the News Corp. facilities, amid rumors that she was aggressively stalking an unnamed man.

This morning, some seven months after Ms. Marsden’s sudden departure from FNC, the National Post reports that Canadian officials “have decided not to charge” Ms. Marsden “with stalking a Canadian counterterrorism officer with whom she had an affair.”

“Ms. Marsden, a former Republican Babe of the Week who has appeared on Fox News and CNN, has a history of criminal harassment, having pleaded guilty to stalking a Vancouver radio host in 2004,” reported the Post. “Her swim coach at Simon Fraser University also accused her of stalking him in the 1990s, but the allegation was never proven.”

Ms. Marsden told the Post she feels vindicated:

I hope this puts an end to crazies falsely crying harassment by me every time they get themselves into hot water. It’s obviously not the first time it’s happened, but hopefully it will be the last. I mean, how many men have to say that I harassed them before it officially becomes a joke?

Media Mob believes that to be a rhetorical question.

In any case, Ms. Marsden has also proclaimed victory on her personal web site, adding a link to the Post story in big red letters: “FULLY EXONERATED of FALSE/MALICIOUS ALLEGATIONS!”