Fidler on Bloomberg’s ‘Nassau County’ Foreign Policy

“I don’t have the vaguest idea where Michael Bloomberg stands on issues of foreign policy,” Councilman Lew Fidler told me recently when I asked what he thought of the increasingly loud talk of a Bloomberg ’08 bid. “There are a dozen other issues and I don’t know what his positions are.”

“How can I even begin to assess him as a candidate?” he asked.

Fidler went on, “His vision on environmental issues is Al Goreian. It is where I would want to be. But there are so many other things. What is his position on the federal budget? Is he going to turn into a Reagan Republican? I don’t know, because we really haven’t heard that from Michael Bloomberg.”

Then he added, “When Giuliani was mayor, we had a foreign policy. Michael Bloomberg has restricted his foreign policy to Nassau County.”