George Clooney's Cousin Launches 'Eco-Friendly' Message Bracelets

With his charitable, bright-yellow “LIVESTRONG” bracelets, cycling phenom Lance Armstrong, a cancer survivor, launched a fashion trend that—like Mr. Armstrong—refuses to quit. Now, the message-bracelet boom has reached a new phase in its development.

George Clooney’s cousin, a designer named Cynthia Holvey, has launched her own line of do-good wrist-huggers—the “Cynthia H. Eco-Bracelet.” After seeing Al Gore’s “Live Earth” concert, she was inspired into action. The $48 bracelets, made from organic cotton and recycled scrap metal, are etched with the suggestion “MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

On her Web site, Ms. Holvey admits that she “was always a shining star among her powerful and affluent family.” But don’t jump to any conclusions—“[L]ike any Hollywood families, her story would be one of great highs, terrible lows and a chance for redemption.” (She doesn’t elaborate.) Since her Web site seemingly makes no mention of where the proceeds will actually go—to, say, an environmental charity—one can only hope the money will allow Ms. Holvey to buy a new bedroom air purifier or perhaps a nice sweater.

From the release: “Cynthia H Designs message bracelets have been worn by celebrities like Hilary Duff, Hilary Swank and more. Recently star of NBC’s Heroes Greg Grunberg just purchased the bracelets for his cast mates as holiday gifts.” Really? Will someone please send us a picture of Jack Coleman wearing his?