Giuliani Campaign: Only a Dozen Staffers Without Pay, No Cash Shortage

One senior official in the Giuliani campaign writes in that, contrary to today’s report, the campaign has plenty of cash to stay competitive.

“The senior members of the staff have volunteered to forego their salaries, literally about a dozen, that’s it,” wrote the senior official. “They have done this because they believe the Mayor is the best person to be President and want us to have as much as possible for the battles that lie ahead. It is strictly a desire to have more cash. We are going to release our numbers today, this will show you that we started this period with 7+ Million in cash on hand. We are not desperate, in this business you always want more.”

Here is the campaign’s release that just went out about saying that Giuliani has nearly $13 million of cash on hand:

Giuliani Campaign Reports Campaign Cash On Hand

New York City – The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced that the campaign has over $12.7 million cash on hand, with over $7 million in primary dollars. These numbers were reported as of December 31st, the end of the last reporting period.

“From day one our campaign has been focused on a national strategy built around the new primary calendar. As such, we’ve budgeted conservatively and effectively targeted our resources to win under this new system. We will have the funds necessary to carry out our campaign plan and deliver the Mayor’s message in Florida and beyond,” said Giuliani Campaign Manager Michael DuHaime.

Giuliani Campaign: Only a Dozen Staffers Without Pay, No Cash Shortage