Glenn Beck Releases YouTube Vid on His Botched Surgery, Says He Was "Full-Fledged Suicidal"

In what might someday be studied in public-relations classes as an example of why not to make public statements when you’re still suffering from the aftermath of a bad hospitalization and apparently shaking off a heavy dose of painkillers, CNN Headline News star Glenn Beck has just released a video on YouTube.

In the vid, Mr. Beck, unshaven and emotionally on edge, speaks directly to the camera for more than seven long minutes about his recent surgery (for what? it’s unclear), how it went awry, and how he was left on the brink of suicide as a result. Mr. Beck, while tearing up at times, called the weekend hospitalization “one of the darkest moments” of his life, spoke of “drug-induced” visions, and said the experience could have been a scene from the horror movie Saw.

“By Saturday night, if they would have come into the room with a handgun and said, ‘okay we can give you some more medication or we can give you this handgun, and you can go ahead and blow your brains out’ I would have honestly taken a handgun at that point and ended it,” said Mr. Beck.

The Media Mob wishes Mr. Beck a speedy recovery, complete with lots of chicken noodle soup and, um, no more YouTube videos.