Goldie Hawn: 'Aspen Ain't the Same'

Goldie Hawn and her companion, Kurt Russell, 56, have been part-time residents of Aspen, Colo., for the last 25 years. But now the 62-year-old actress says she can’t even go into the tony ski town anymore because of an increased paparazzi presence.

“They’ve come into our little town and they really have done their job: They’ve shooed us out,” Ms. Hawn told the Aspen Times. She also said that in the past she could walk around Aspen without being hounded by photogs, and the few shutterbugs the town did attract were apparently discreet.

“But it ain’t like the old days anymore,” Ms. Hawn said, adding: “You find yourself running and dodging and jumping in your car. I can’t go into my own town. I hurt for my children. It’s not fair.” She also remarked on how the paparazzi like to chase her famous daughter, 28-year-old actress Kate Hudson.

When Ms. Hawn went to the mayor, Mick Ireland, to complain, the politico curiously told her to start taking pictures of the paparazzi, effectively turning the tables. “Anything we would do would just make it worse,” Mr. Ireland said. “There’s no safe haven.”