Hillary Says She Wouldn't Have Gone to War in Iraq If She Were President

hillary21 Hillary Says She Wouldn't Have Gone to War in Iraq If She Were PresidentA young girl in the crowd at a Nashua high school just asked Hillary Clinton how she knows she would not have gone to war in Iraq like President Bush if she were president. Clinton said this:

“After 9/11, I would never have taken us to war in Iraq. I would have stayed focused on Afghanistan because the real threat was coming from there. That doesn’t mean that Saddam Hussein was a good guy. It doesn’t mean that he wasn’t dangerous; he was. I agree with that—that’s why I would have sent inspectors back in to try and figure out what he was actually doing. But I don’t think a preemptive war at that time was the best strategy. I think if we had stayed focused on Afghanistan and kept our resources there we really had a chance to get bin Laden and all of his, you know, allies I think it might have done it. And now we’re playing catch-up and it’s a dangerous game of catch-up and that bothers me.”

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