Hillary Says She Wouldn't Have Gone to War in Iraq If She Were President

A young girl in the crowd at a Nashua high school just asked Hillary Clinton how she knows she would not have gone to war in Iraq like President Bush if she were president. Clinton said this:

“After 9/11, I would never have taken us to war in Iraq. I would have stayed focused on Afghanistan because the real threat was coming from there. That doesn’t mean that Saddam Hussein was a good guy. It doesn’t mean that he wasn’t dangerous; he was. I agree with that—that’s why I would have sent inspectors back in to try and figure out what he was actually doing. But I don’t think a preemptive war at that time was the best strategy. I think if we had stayed focused on Afghanistan and kept our resources there we really had a chance to get bin Laden and all of his, you know, allies I think it might have done it. And now we’re playing catch-up and it’s a dangerous game of catch-up and that bothers me.”