Hillary Talks About 'Solutions' to Pro-Obama Crowd

COLUMBIA, S.C.—Hillary Clinton rounded out the Democratic candidates giving their Martin Luther King Jr. speeches today with an address that emphasized the need for “work” and “action” to continue the legacy of the civil rights movement. Clinton was speaking to a crowd that heavily favored Barack Obama, and at first her speech received lukewarm responses in the areas where she traditionally gets applause. (Her line about how work without faith is “just too hard” was met with silence.) But Clinton battled through, giving an impassioned appeal to achieve social justice by getting back to “the solutions business in America.”

Clinton also made a point to say that King’s wife, Coretta Scott King, “in every way was a partner,” and she echoed Obama’s remarks earlier about the “moral deficit” by talking about a “moral obligation” to fight for equality.

“Dr. King knew that while we each confront different injustices we are all fighting for the same cause,” she said.

Ultimately, Clinton won a respectful round of applause from the audience.

“Race plays into it a lot,” said Yolanda Harrison, a 43-year-old teacher, after hearing all three Democratic candidates speak. “People want change in South Carolina and we see another person who represents us.”

She, like, it seemed, most of the people in the crowd, planned to vote for Obama.

Hillary Talks About 'Solutions' to Pro-Obama Crowd