How Did Times, WaPo Miss This Hillary Availability?

On the back of the Hillary press bus, the word spread quickly that she might be able to do an “avail,” meaning she might speak to the press during an unscheduled stop at Gala, a downtown Manchester coffee shop.

It’s been a rare thing for her to do a presser, but as one reporter put it: “She has no other choice.” It’s time to start talking!

She wound up taking questions for about 10 minutes, and there was some pretty wild stuff in there, too. (Sample: “Well you know Iowa does not have the best track record in determining who the party’s nominee is. Everybody knows that.”)

After the presser, a few reporters were wondering at the fact that The New York Times and The Washington Post had missed the action. Was Hillary already that yesterday?

And since the Times subsequently leaded an article about New Hampshire with a quote from the “avail” (attributed to Reuters), surely they’d have been there if they could have been. 

(Maybe it had something to do with their corporate flight, which was reportedly not leaving Iowa till 6 a.m.?)

How Did Times, WaPo Miss This Hillary Availability?