Diving Bell Actor to Play Bond Villian

Mathieu Amalric, who played a paralyzed stroke victim in Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, will play Agent 007’s conniving villian in Bond 22, the 22nd film in the James Bond series. Dashing Brit Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the leading ladies’ man. Producers are “on the verge” of announcing who will be the new Bond girl as well.

Variety reports:

A studio exec also confirmed that Jeffrey Wright, who played CIA agent Felix Leiter in predecessor “Casino Royale,” will reprise that role in “Bond 22.”

Film begins shooting today at Pinewood Studios in London, nearly a month behind its original schedule. It is still scheduled to premiere on Nov. 7.

Bond-centric blogs have been abuzz with additional casting speculation. As part of a profile on “Bond 22” helmer Marc Forster, Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung reported that Swiss actor Anatole Taubman has been cast as a villain/henchman, though there was no confirmation from the studios. In the interview, Forster also told the newspaper that the latest pic will delve deeper into Bond’s psyche.

Diving Bell Actor to Play Bond Villian