Extry! Extry! Al Gore Turns Local Kids Into CurrenTV Barkers

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Al Gore’s Current TV is invading Manchester and they’re employing local kids to spread the word.

A 24-year-old reporter with blonde pigtails and a 29-year-old video man with a cherub face were inside Merrimack Restaurant in downtown Manchester looking for other 20-somethings to interview.

They also wanted to spread the word: Current TV is throwing an open bar at a local bar on Sunday for “people our age.”

These two are both from town and looked even younger than their ages—high school maybe?—and admitted they were told to dress as if it were a normal day for them (he was in a fleece, she was a grey ski jacket with jeans).

They said they couldn’t give their names since Current has a policy that everything is off the record with reporters, but as they scanned the restaurant–which was full of ladies with grey hair, and men with receding hairlines–they divulged their assignment. “We’re here to interview regular people,” said the 24-year old pigtail reporter.