Inside Edition: Nobody Here But Us Journalists

NASHUA, N.H.—After Barack Obama spoke last night, and most people filed out of a high school gym here, one cameraman and one golden-tan man with a microphone started swerving over the entire room taking shots of the steaming wreckage.

When you saw who it was, you couldn’t help but double take: Inside Edition was really here.

“Some people are interested in getting at the real story,” said Paul Boyd, who has been on-air for Inside Edition since 2001. “Just let the drama speak for itself. Everyone gets their news from different sources, so we’re here to provide some compelling coverage from a different perspective.”

Mr. Boyd was still giddy over a story he broke that got some traction on Primary Day: the woman who asked the question that prompted Hillary Clinton to cry was actually voting for Obama.

“As usual, a lot of the media did not report this correctly,” he said.

“We had a sit-down interview with her today and she said she was voting for Obama.”

She also had a very bad day.

“She’s been getting threatening emails from people. People are accusing her that she’s a plant. She’s threatened for her life.”

Mr. Boyd then spoke about the story in grander terms. “We’re just trying to tell a story. It’s just journalism.”

After Media Mob concluded his interview, his cameraman added for good measure about the Obama event: “I’m still shocked as shit.”

Inside Edition: Nobody Here But Us Journalists