In N.H.: Big Voter Turnout, No Exit Polls, Rivals Both Confident

The New Hampshire Secretary of State says voter turnout is “absolutely huge.” [Political Radar]

Don’t expect exit polls any time soon. []

In a bit of strategic timing, Rudy Giuliani unveils a new ad in Florida (in Spanish!) and his veteran’s coalition leadership in the state. [Join Rudy]  

He also says he understands that a politician can cry, because he did sometimes after 9/11. [TPM

Mitt Romney is pretty confident about today. [Washington Wire]

So is John McCain. [Politico

Eliot Spitzer does not think Hillary Clinton’s disappointing showing so far has anything to do with the way she handled the driver’s license issue. [Capitol Confidential]

State Senator and Obama backer Bill Perkins says Democratic politicians have been calling him to talk about switching from Hillary to Obama. [Liz]

Obama will be in New Jersey tomorrow. [PolitickerNJ]

Glenn Thrush wonders if a Michael Bloomberg presidency would have been a better idea in the last election. [Spin Cycle