New York Press Fires Kelly Kreth

Kelly Kreth, the real estate publicist-cum-sex columnist who was infamously fired from her marketing job two years ago for writing a personal blog, was sacked from the New York Press over the weekend after only four months on the job.

New York Press editor David Blum called Ms. Kreth on Saturday to tell her he “was no longer comfortable with a sex column and wanted more of a relationship theme,” she told The Observer.

“The only thing negative I can say is that his directives kept on changing,” Ms. Kreth said. “He told me my first columns were too dark and depressing, so I started writing about sex.”

Ms. Kreth capitalized on the less-than-stellar press following her blogging scandal in 2005 to attract clients to her own marketing firm, Kreth Communications. She plans to use the latest “incident” to get the word out that she’s looking for a writing job.

“If anyone can parlay a firing into fame and fortune it’s me,” Ms. Kreth said.
“I got fired before and was told I’d never work in this town again, and went on to start a really successful PR firm. While I make sure my clients only get good publicity, I’m more lax about my own press. I’m really of the belief that any publicity is good publicity.”

Ms. Kreth’s clients include real estate research firm and City Connections Realty, according to her firm’s Web site.

Ms. Kreth vows to continue blogging and writing, regardless of how–and if–it affects her marketing work, but thinks that the firing could actually improve her firm’s brand image.

“The stories I pitch are very human based, and this will help brand me as a human being,” she said. “When you hear names of the other big real estate PR firms you don’t know whose behind it, but when you Google Kelly Kreth you get 28 pages.”

The Observer has an email out to Mr. Blum.

New York Press Fires Kelly Kreth