Iowa Independents, Anti-War Protesters, Bill Clinton’s G.O.P Caucus Prediction

Iowa independents are mostly going with Democrats. [Des Moines Register

Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen say Fred Thompson may drop out of the race after Iowa. [Politico

Thompson denies it. [The Swamp

Marc Ambinder has predictions and historical caucus turnouts. [The Atlantic

Anti-war protesters targeted Barack Obama and Mitt Romney offices in Iowa. [Des Moines Register

Also Jerrold Nadler’s office in New York. [Liz]

Sheldon Silver says he doesn’t think Joe Bruno is making his case. [Capitol Confidential

The Detroit News endorses McCain. [R.C.P

Justin Varone suggests Obama is the “livable streets” candidate. [Streetsblog]

And the Intelligencer thinks Bill Clinton pulled a Karl Rove by predicting Mike Huckabee would win in Iowa. [NY Magazine]