Project Runway's Yummiest Episode Yet!

Last night offered sweet relief in the form of Project Runway’s return after a painful hiatus. Marked by hilarity, it was definitely worth the wait. The challenge was to create a garment out of any of the materials found in the Hershey’s flagship store. While Elisa—the slightly unusual one who spits on her clothes—seemed overjoyed at the news (jumping up and down and speaking to the “magic” of candy), Christian—one of the most talented, if conceited, designers—was far less enthused. “I was like, Great! We get to make shit out of candy,” he deadpanned.

Only Jillian—the Ralph Lauren employee packing serious skills—actually used edible product in her garment, a sexy little red dress with Twizzlers covering the bodice and skirt. And despite her nightmare visions of candy falling off on the catwalk, her design—fun and full of movement—wowed the judges. Rather curiously, Chris—a jolly fellow who’s prone to costume-y numbers—kept saying how he “feels for” Jillian. Having used food to make clothes several times in the past, he apparently knows how difficult it can be to work with.

In the end, though, someone has to go—and this time it was Elisa. Her exit hardly came as a surprise; she complimented a poorly constructed brown velvet dress, meant to look and feel like candy, with silver elbow bags, which, as Michael Kors pointed out, looked like shower caps. Here’s a clip produced for Elisa’s final exit from Project Runway. In it, she talks about her influences, hopes and fears. Auf wiedersehen, Elisa!