Rolling Stone’s Planned Cover Story by Michael Moore Is Latest Victim of Hillary’s Press Control

010208 moore web Rolling Stones Planned Cover Story by Michael Moore Is Latest Victim of Hillarys Press ControlA long letter written by Michael Moore to friends and supporters has been posted on the Drudge Report (and now on Gawker, whose link will likely last longer). Mr. Moore writes that he’s not endorsing any of the Democratic candidates for president "at this point." But the most interesting tidbit comes a bit further down.

Mr. Moore reveals that he was asked by Rolling Stone to do a cover story in the form of separate Q&As with the three top Democrats, under the understanding that if any of the candidates didn’t participate, the story wouldn’t run.

He writes: "Obama and Edwards agreed. Mrs. Clinton said no, and the cover story was thus killed."

Of course, this isn’t the first time during this campaign that the Hillary camp has successfully nixed a major magazine story about her.

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