Times' City Room Blog To Appear in Print

City Room, the local news blog launched last June by The New York Times as part of a paper-wide effort to offer readers more exclusive content online, will soon get some space in the print edition of the Metro section, according to the blog’s editor, Patrick LaForge.

While items from City Room are regularly repackaged as Metro stories and published in the paper—three short dispatches from Albany might be synthesized into one article for the next day’s paper, for instance—Mr. LaForge said that in the future, articles from the blog that run in the print edition could appear under a clearly marked “City Room” banner.

Mr. LaForge described the initiative as an effort to give more exposure to the City Room brand—and to drive print readers to the Web site.

“There are a lot of people who read the print section who just aren’t aware of how much is available on the Web,” Mr. LaForge said. “A lot of that stuff doesn’t get in the paper. So how can we tell readers, ‘Hey, you might want to go check some of this out’?”

Mock-up pages for the paper version of City Room have been printed up; one among them had “City Room” printed across the top and an assortment of items pulled from the blog arranged below. (Mr. LaForge stressed that any mock-up at this stage should be considered “very preliminary,” and that Metro editor Joe Sexton “has not signed off on anything.” Mr. Sexton declined to comment.)

Mr. LaForge said that while there are no definite plans yet for how the City Room section will look or how often it will appear in the paper, it will probably follow the same model as The Caucus, The Times’ political blog, and Bits, its technology blog, both of which regularly appear in the print edition in the form of discrete columns.

“When we figure it out, we’ll do it,” Mr. LaForge said. “I’d say it’s too early to be talking about it.”

Times' City Room Blog To Appear in Print