John Seabrook Gets Stuck In Closet With Lithe Lit Boys

What’s more fun than watching some of New York’s lithe literary leopards raid a closet and play dress-up? Not much!

John Seabrook, who normally pens for The New Yorker, has a feature in the latest issue of Men’s Vogue in which he describes his quandary of what to do with his father’s racks of bespoke suits and handmade shoes, as his father is getting older and no longer has a need for them. Luckily, John Seabrook has an equally bespoke collection of dashing—very tall, and so slender!—male chums, including writer Philip Weiss, New York magazine executive editor John Homans and comedy writer Billy Kimball. Well, one thing led to another, as these things will, and before you can tie a Windsor knot, the strapping lads were pawing through the fancy tweeds, trying on jackets and hats and even a very soigné dressing gown! It’s like a Savile Row Sample Sale gone wild! And like Paris Hilton, they got carried away and recorded the whole affair! There’s even an unnamed ladyfriend in the background making helpful suggestions! Watch this clip with a tall drink of water, ladies!

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