Journalists on Giuliani: The Surge, The Coverage to Blame for Campaign's Failure

Two reporters who covered Rudy Giuliani when he was mayor gave their post-mortem on his presidential campaign on NY1 News last night.

“You can say to some extent Rudy was the victim of the surge,” said Joel Siegel, formerly with the Daily News but now at ABC News. “In a way, things are improving, or seem to be improve in Iraq.”

Siegel continued, “He lost the rational of electing somebody who is very, very strong, or who is running on the argument of being strong on national security.”

“It seems to me,” said David Seifman, City Hall Bureau Chief for the New York Post, “that coverage of Rudy in the presidential race took off, from some extent, from his years at City Hall. I mean, he antagonized so many reporters that got their chance to get even this time around.

“I’m not going to mention specific publications, but if you look at some of the coverage in some major publications, it was 100 percent negative. They didn’t give Rudy credit for anything, for the crime drop, for one thing. As much as you want to find criticize him and find fault with him, I mean, he did do some good things, didn’t he?”

Both seemed resigned to the notion that Giuliani’s political career is over.

“After you run for president, what do you run for?” Seifman asked. “What’s he going to run for, public advocate?”