Letterman's Beard Gets Key to NYC

Mayor Bloomberg welcomed Late Show host David Letterman back to the air after his two-month hiatus by presenting a key to the city to Mr. Letterman’s latest fashion choice—the strike beard. Both Mr. Letterman and Conan O’Brien let out their inner mountainman as a sign of solidarity with the writers. While Jay Leno gets shunned by the Writers Guild of America for coming back on air with his own written monologues, Mr. Letterman is back—with his writers—after reaching a deal with the WGA to let them work. Mr. Bloomberg wanted to honor Mr. Letterman’s efforts.

The Associated Press reports:

Bloomberg stopped by at the start of Thursday’s show.

“I wanted to present a key to the city,” he said, holding a case with the symbolic honor.

Letterman thanked him, but Bloomberg said it wasn’t for him.

“This is for your beard,” the mayor said.

Letterman's Beard Gets Key to NYC