Madeleine Stowe Thinks John Edwards is in the Driver's Seat

Mike Huckabee may have the Chuck Norris voter all locked up—but Madeleine Stowe is continuing her Iowa push for John Edwards here in New Hampshire. I talked to the actress (Twelve Monkeys! Last of the Mohicans! Last year’s NBC mid-season replacement show Raines, starring Jeff Goldbum and canceled after seven episodes!) this morning. She believes that John Edwards is driving the talking points of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“Both Hillary and Barack had to move the direction they were heading because of him,” she said. For instance, she said, his longstanding talk about “corporate America” has forced those other two to address those issues.

“He’s been outspent 6 to 1 in Iowa,” she said. And: “John is the only one of the Democratic guys who beats the Republicans in head to head matchups.” Well, here’s one Edwards voter that Clinton and Obama won’t steal! Hi-o!