Mary Matalin Prepares to Publish Deal Hudson, Defends His Honor to PW

Deal Hudson, the self-described “theocon” who served as chairman of the RNC’s 2004 Catholic Outreach initiative before a sex scandal involving one of his students at Fordham University forced him to resign, has written a book called Onwards, Christian Soldiers. The book is coming out in March from Threshold Editions, the conservative imprint of Simon & Schuster run by GOP strategist Mary Matalin.

Dermot McEvoy at Publisher’s Weekly wanted to know how Ms. Matalin felt about Mr. Hudson, whose righteous lifelong efforts in the name of Christian morality were ever so slightly tarnished when the student he got involved with with at Fordham brought a sexual abuse suit against him.

Her response? “Deal Hudson’s contributions to advancing conservative ideas and idealism is seminal… I have always felt privileged to work with him and honored to publish him.”

The rest of the article’s substantially more compelling than that, and it includes quotations from Mr. Hudson’s books where he addresses the sex scandal directly.