Media Moguls Break Out Bratty Behavior for WGA Supporters

The studios have started bringing out the big guns, apparently. We’re not just talking about hair and make-up this time. “What an incredible list of petty, mean-spirited and just spiteful behavior the Hollywood CEOs are compiling for themselves,” writes Nikki Finke on Deadline Hollywood Daily. “I’ve been confirming episode after episode of the AMPTP’s giant multimedia members retaliating in every way possible against anyone in Hollywood helping the WGA’s side in this strike dragging on and on.”

A few lowlights? According to Ms. Finke:

–>Harvey Weinstein received a number of phone calls from the moguls warning him “You shouldn’t do it,” and “We can get this done with the DGA,” when word leaked out that he was making a side deal with the WGA to be able to hire striking writers.

–>NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker has tried to bump both NBC 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan and NBC Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump from the recent guest rosters of The Late Show with David Letterman whose parent company Worldwide Pants did a side deal with the WGA to hire striking writers. Zucker’s network minions tried to convince both men not to appear on the show. But Zucker allowed late night rival Jimmy Kimmel to guest on Leno and Leno to guest on Kimmel.

–>Zucker refused to allow the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to hold an untelevised Golden Globes awards ceremony even though it would have been unpicketed by the WGA and the actors, directors, writers as well as Hollywood studios and networks who won could have been celebrated.

–>NBC Entertainment co-czar on Monday told his new best friend, the no-talent Ryan Seacrest before the Golden Globes awards show was officially scrapped that, “Sadly, it feels like the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school are trying to cancel the prom. But NBC wants to try to keep that prom alive.” (Now there’s a T-shirt for sale benefitting the WGA strike fund that reads, “Nerdy. Ugly. Mean. Proud of it. WGA.”)

–>AMPTP staffers, consultants and members (especially corporate publicity departments) are busily posting comments on WGA-friendly websites and blogs that Hollywood visits regularly and filling them with hate-filled rants against the WGA leadership, the A-list actors, and the companies who’ve made WGA side deals. The goal is to turn off readers and drive traffic away and in the process spread pro-AMPTP propaganda and make it look as if the strike is breaking apart.

–> Warner Bros Chairman Barry Meyer has handpicked the AMPTP paid mouthpieces who have spread the AMPTP’s insults and disinformation about the WGA leadership.

–>The other day, an AMPTP consultant tried to start a rumor that a WGA exec was connected to child pornography.

Media Moguls Break Out Bratty Behavior for WGA Supporters