Meet the HuffPo Twins

MANCHESTER, N.H., Jan. 4—A pair of 26-year-old twins, Matthew and Peter Slutsky, are freelancing for The Huffington Post. They make short films and they’re up from Washington to document campaign events and to produce what they described as “serious journalism.”

But sometimes you only have the material the subjects are giving you. This afternoon, they were making a video of a sleepy Mike Huckabee event that the “mainstream” reporters were openly mocking among themselves.

“I saw Obama earlier today and I have to do this? This is infuriating,” said one radio reporter.

Messrs. Slutsky were walking around with their shoulders slumped and looked a little sad. They admitted a personal loyalty to Barack Obama but said that their real personal goals over the next few days would be to land stories on the front page of the Huffington Post.