Meet Will Rabbe: 'Fuck Yeah, You Should Write About Us!"

“Fuck yeah, you should write about us. We’re from New York, we’re totally off-beat, you know, and we want to deconstruct the election process from the point of view of the independent voter.”

Speaking was Will Rabbe, a 25-year-old filmmaker working for the Independent Film Channel. He said he lives on the Upper East Side.

“Yeah, I live there. What are you going to make a judgment call?”

He didn’t look much like the traveling press: He was a bit taller, he was wearing a blazer over a shirt with three buttons undone and a scarf preventing a look at his chest. He was wearing a pocket square.

He said he’s happy working in New Hampshire because the stakes are high but the work load undemanding: he only has to send out dispatches with three minutes of video a week.

But he’s a total political junkie. He’s been going to six events a day and really gets off on the idea of talking to wonks like David Axelrod and Joe Trippi and Margaret Carlson. He said he’s starting a blog soon and the first post will be a funny video involving him goofing off with Mr. Trippi.

Who exactly is he hoping to reach out to? “Like my friends who think that Rudy Giuliani is still the front-runner and then wonder why he finished in sixth in Iowa? This is to explain what’s happening, to them.”

Meet Will Rabbe: 'Fuck Yeah, You Should Write About Us!"