Michael Kors On Olsen Twins, Aviators, Great Legs

Ahhh…Wednesday, the day when sweet relief is offered up in the form of Project Runway. To celebrate the butterflies of anticipation, here’s a clip of ‘Top American Designer’ (at least according to Heidi Klum’s weekly introduction of the P.R. judge) Michael Kors—whose style icons comprise a fashion fruit salad: the Olsen twins, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Jackie Onassis—dishing on what gets his motors revving.

In short, insists Mr. Kors, size doesn’t matter!

“In America, a lot of people get hung up on the size tag,” he says. “Don’t pay attention to the size label at all. Men wear their clothes too big and women wear their clothes too small.” Big or small, everyone looks great, the thread baron says, in a pair of aviator sunglasses and a “big, chunky watch.” And the gals can always turn up the glam factor, he adds, by throwing on a pair of metallic shoes, “like gold sandals.” Hmm…gold sandals. Gold sandals? Does anyone below Mount Olympus even make gold sandals? Oh, yeah! Mr. Kors does. A whole heap of ‘em.

But his parting words of advice prove more telling than most: “In your mind, do a check-list. Every time I wear a short skirt, people say, ‘You’ve got great legs!’

Meow, Mike—me-ow!

Michael Kors On Olsen Twins, Aviators, Great Legs