Morning Memo: Katie Holmes Thrilled For Pregnant Nicole Kidman; Project Runway Hates 'Cheap'

Asked what she thought about Nicole Kidman’s pregnancy last night at a premiere, Katie Holmes said: “I’m so happy for her!” [US]

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has given birth to her third child, a boy named Beckett Robert Lee Willis. [WWD]

In the wake of Missy Chase Lapine’s recent lawsuit against Jessica Seinfeld for, in part, plagiarism, a third, even older children’s healthful-cooking book has been unearthed. [Page Six]

Last night’s Project Runway didn’t have us fooled for a second…that dress! []

Bridesmaids’ dresses don’t have to be hideous after all. [Times]

Denise Rich, Lizzie Tisch and other New York socials were spotted preordering the new Louis Vuitton Richard Prince bag at the Guggenheim. [Page Six]

Several Hollywood stars, including Owen Wilson, are not too pleased with Men’s Vogue at the moment. [Gatecrasher]

French press fooled by fake “Facebook Worldwide president.” [RadarOnline]

Beyonce showed up at the Soho House on Tuesday for drinks with her security squad as company. [Gatecrasher]

At the Monday night premiere of the documentary Today’s Man at the Tribeca Grand, the director’s brother Nicky Gottlieb, who has Asperger Syndrome, confessed his deep fondness for Sarah Jessica Parker. [Page Six]