Morning Memo: Why Mary Kate Olsen Was Dragged Into Ledger Story; The Latest From Alain Ducasse

When Heath Ledger’s masseuse found the actor unconscious Tuesday, she called Mary-Kate Olsen for advice before dialing 911. The NYPD spokesman said, “I’m not going to speculate on why 911 was not called first.” [City Room]

Also, multiple types of anti-anxiety meds and sedatives, all prescribed to Ledger, were found in his apartment. [TMZ]

Paris Hilton updated her MySpace blog – she’s “never been happier”! [Just Jared]

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s daughter wears shoes! [Gatecrasher]

Jessica Alba is more frightened of breast-feeding her own future baby than of birthing it. [US]

There are long lines of fashionable New Yorkers eager to view The Sartorialist‘s photos of fashionable New Yorkers at a Chelsea gallery. [NYT]

A who’s who of city restaurants, like Michael Romano of Union Square Café and The Modern’s Gabriel Kreuther, flocked to the preview of Alain Ducasse’s new wine-themed restaurant Adour. Their critical palates were not disappointed. [Page Six]

Susan Morrison, editor of the new anthology Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary (and New Yorker articles editor), polled the book’s contributors at a Plaza luncheon to see who would win the Democratic primary there. “My impression was that Obama had a slight edge,” said New Yorker staffer Hendrik Hertzberg, “but my impressions tend to be within the margin of error.” [WWD]

Temporary tattoos newly popular party accessories, and dependably popular as a way to unnerve one’s parents. [NYT]