Naomi Campbell: Model, Interviewer of South American Heads of State

Who knew supermodel Naomi Campbell, a relatively new contributing editor at British GQ, would land the Latin-America beat? For her first interview, Ms. Campbell sat down with Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez—but that, it now seems, was just the beginning.

Next up: a meeting with Fidel Castro, the increasingly reclusive aging leader of Cuba, which is in the works, according to WWD. (She’s already met the bearded bad boy, back in the 90s’.) While she waits to firm up the details on that particular tête-à-tête, Ms. Campbell is working on securing a chitchat with Argentina’s newly elected female president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Considering rumors that the British-born phone-flinging fashionista began a love affair with Mr. Chavez following their meeting, her M.O., the fashion paper suggests, could be to help realize the politico’s vision for a united South America. All this comes, too, at a time when U.S. relations are becoming increasingly strained with Argentina.