Nevada Court Rules In Favor of Caucuses in Casinos [Updated]

In good news for the Obama campaign, a Nevada court has ruled that caucuses can take place in casino hotels on the Las Vegas strip, despite the challenge of a group considered supportive of Hillary Clinton. The majority of the people affected by the decision are casino workers who belong to the Culinary Union, which has endorsed Obama.

UPDATE: Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton takes advantage of the decision to simultaneously gloat, hit the Clintons on being undemocratic and lower expectations.

“We’re glad that the Nevada court upheld the Nevada Democratic Party’s caucus plan which encourages voter participation. While the Clinton camp clearly believed the voices of workers should be silenced in service of their perceived political interest, they enjoyed a twenty five-point lead two months ago and have much of the party establishment in their camp.  So, despite their inherent advantages we are pleased this should be a close and competitive contest Saturday,” said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.