New Hampshire's Hotels Mimic Manhattan's

Manhattan has the nation’s tightest and most expensive hotel market. On any given night now, over 80 percent of the borough’s hotel rooms are booked at nightly rates averaging well over $200.

But, as The Observer‘s John Koblin reports for our sister blog Media Mob, New Hampshire’s hotels are now, however briefly, probably the nation’s most expensive and most difficult to book. Blame, of course, the influx of media and staffers there to work and to cover the presidential primary.

Fernando Suarez, the 28-year-old beat reporter for CBS News, was punching furiously at his laptop trying to find a new hotel while waiting for Hillary Clinton to show up at an 8 a.m. event here.

He’ s staying at a Radisson in Nashua, about a 20-minute trip from Manchester, the capital for all New Hampshire reporting where her campaign bus departs from. It’s a little farther than he would have liked, but with price tags at more than $350 a night and the entire world descending here this morning, the options to get any closer were few.

Makes booking a room here on short notice seem simple and breezy.

New Hampshire's Hotels Mimic Manhattan's