Not Waiting for Bloomberg

Add East Side Republican activist and 2002 Assembly candidate Gail Hilson to the list of people looking forward to Michael Bloomberg’s possible presidential race.

“The bottom line is I think he’d make a great president the same way he’s making a great mayor,” Hilson said in a recent interview.

But she’s not going to sit around waiting for him to get in the race.

Just as some Democrats who might support Bloomberg are supporting Hillary Clinton right now, Hilson is behind Rudy Giuliani. “I find it annoying and off-putting when people say they’re going to wait and see instead of supporting a candidate,” she told me.

“I don’t think people should wait for anything,” she added. “Everybody needs money. So, to sit back and twiddle my thumbs until we have a candidate of our party, or, [say] ‘I’ll see how it goes,’ is just not good enough.”


Not Waiting for Bloomberg