Obama Camp Giddy, Hillaryland Reserved

Katie Routh, a 56-year-old from Norwalk, sat alone on the bleachers. She said she planned on caucusing for Clinton, but that her son, the actor Brandon Routh—coincidentally, the guy who plays Superman in “Superman Returns”–is assisting the Obama campaign.

He convinced her, she explained, to come see Obama. She liked what she heard, but not enough to change her mind.

“They’ve heard that we need a change and Barack Obama is young and he breathes fresh life into things and he’s charismatic,” said Routh. “This young man is going to be president one day, but I’d like to see him have some more experience first and Hillary has that.”

A few minutes later, Superman, who cannot caucus because he now resides in California, arrived and offered his rationale for supporting Obama.

“What’s not to like?” said Routh, who wore an Obama pin where a Superman “S” would be on a blue t-shirt advertising “ropeyoga.com,” whose slogan, apparently, is “Be the change.” “The passion, the intelligence, the integrity, the charisma, the honesty.”

An hour later, some Clinton staffers, including campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, were still out drinking with reporters at the Continental bar. The campaign had suggested that other top advisors, including Mark Penn, Howard Wolfson and Mandy Grunwald might show up. They didn’t.

Obama Camp Giddy, Hillaryland Reserved