Obama, Farrakhan, Clinton, Tyra

Barack Obama says as President he wouldn’t be a good “operating officer.” [Ben]

Anna Marie Cox reports a new Mitt Romney today, one that’s even “funny–not that funny, but also not pre-programmed funny.” [Swampland]

Chris Cillizza warns that Rudy Giuliani isn’t necessarily out of the race. [The Fix]

$100 million is being distributed in the Albany region. [Captiol Confidential]

Tom Precious isn’t sure that downstate wants to help upstate, even if Eliot Spitzer says so. [Buffalo News]

John McCain has a sentimental new ad in South Carolina about service. [RCP]

Former State Senator Nick Spano has relaunched his web site and may run for his old seat. [Politics on the Hudson]

People who live near Yankee Stadium are worried that the new parking garages will become park-and-rides, especially if congestion pricing goes through. [City Limits]

Hillary Clinton tells Tyra Banks she’s better off dancing than singing. [Time]

And also that the White House can be somewhat like a prison. [Top of the Ticket]

After Richard Cohen penned a Washington Post op-ed this morning (also printed in the Daily News) about Louis Farrakhan receiving an honor from Obama’s church, Obama comes out with a statement. [Ben]

Dennis Kucinich’s lawyer talks to colleague Felix Gillette about trying to get in on the debate tonight. [Media Mob]

Obama, Farrakhan, Clinton, Tyra