Obama Heading Back to New York (For Money)

One day after the New Hampshire primary, Barack Obama will be back at the Grand Hyatt for a major rally/fund-raiser.

Nineteen year-old Arthur Leopold, who said he’s the youngest person on Obama’s finance committee, says that “people are really excited now.”

The event at the Grand Hyatt, according to Leopold, was planned about a week and a half ago.

His fund-raising email is after the jump.

Here’s Leopold’s fund-raising email.

Dear Friends,

At this very time last year, I was asking many of you to participate in Senator Obama’s first Presidential fundraiser here in New York. I want to ask for your help again, to Welcome Back Barack! Senator Obama will come straight from New Hampshire on Wednesday, January 9th to spend an evening with New York supporters at the Grand Hyatt. Last night, Iowans proved that America is ready for Change We Can Believe In. Be a part of the Obama movement so we can continue to spread the message, build the campaign, and fend off Republican attacks in the very near future. If you join the Sponsor reception, I will gladly introduce you to the next President of the United States, Senator Barack Obama, there will be a photo line there as well. Details can be found below and please click the link to contribute. See you on Wednesday!


$500: General Reception
$1000: Question and Answer Reception
$2300: Photo and Chat Reception

All the very best,


Obama Heading Back to New York (For Money)