OK, Nicole Kidman May Be Pregnant After All

It looks like Britain’s Daily Mail is playing tug-of-war with the Nicole Kidman pregnancy story they broke a few days ago. After publishing the article, which asserted the 40-year-old actress was expecting her first child with musician and husband Keith Urban, also 40, Ms. Kidman’s publicist came up swinging.

“[The pregnancy report] is incorrect…[Ms. Kidman] must have had about 30 babies by now,” the rep said soon after the Daily Mail story was published. In no hurry to skirt the issue at hand, the paper’s headline was rather direct: ‘“I’m pregnant’ says delighted Nicole Kidman”

But, it seems, the Mail wasn’t content to let the issue lie. Today, they’re reporting that the Australia star has developed “a sudden affinity for billowing floral-print maternity dresses.” The London-based publication added that friends of the actress have since come forward yet again, now revealing that Ms. Kidman hopes to deliver the baby in a private hospital in Sydney. The source(s) also said that the couple hope to raise their child—whose birth is apparently expected sometime this summer—‘Down Under,’ in an effort to instill in him or her a sense of “national identity.”

The insider(s) went on to say: “After a miscarriage during her first marriage she was devastated and nearly gave up on the idea. It’s an absolute godsend. After eight months of fertility treatment she is well and truly beside herself.”