Oprah Winfrey’s Blessing Aside, Tommy Hilfiger Still Haunted by Racism Rumors

False rumors that Tommy Hilfiger voiced regret over his clothing’s popularity in the African-American community dogged him for years. It took nothing short of a blessing from Oprah Winfrey to make them go away. Except, it seems, they didn’t go away at all.

Clothing label Frank Fuller Classic, apparently a sort of wannabe prep outfitter with a CK Bradley style sense, took out an advertisement recently in a magazine that reads: “Frank Fuller Clothing CO Is Not Racist Like Tommy Hilfiger.”

Attorneys for the 56-year-old Americana macher responded immediately, sending the magazine and the clothing company cease and desist letters. Mr. Hilfiger’s rep also offered TMZ.com a statement, saying: “This is nothing more than a hoax concocted months after Oprah and Tommy put to rest the tired, baseless yet intolerable rumor, declaring it a ‘big, fat lie.’”