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Paris Hilton Does Sundance


Last night I had my one night out experiencing the craziness that is Main Street in Park City. The entire slushy street was filled with people—think Times Square at rush hour—lining up outside of various parties. As my group approached the after-party sponsored by Hypnotiq for Be Kind Rewind, directed by Michel Gondry and starring Jack Black, a mob scene broke out on the sidewalk a few doors down. Who could it be? Hysteria grew, camera phones flashed. The answer? Ms. Paris Hilton.MORE …

What About Tucci?


Tough Crowd!

About 40% of the Press and Industry screening of the Stanley Tucci film Blind Date left the theater during the first first fifteen minutes. What gives? The film is a quiet two-person film, co-starring Patricia Clarkson. Those who stayed, enjoyed. MORE …

At Sundance, What’s the Next Little Miss Sunshine?


Much of the chatter coming from journalists (a decidedly talky bunch) at the Sundance Film Festival is whether or not the writer’s strike will affect sales this year. The question is, which of the films will go on to be Little Miss Sunshine—a critical and commercial hit? Just as the shiny-haired folks wonder if they’re at the best party of the moment, so too do the journalists stop and wonder if they’re at the movie. MORE …

Dad and Daughter Moment at Redford Premiere


I just came from seeing the premiere of Amy Redford’s directorial debut, Guitar. Just two rows ahead of me was the (still gorgeous) golden head of her father, Sundance Film Festival founder, Robert Redford. He was wearing a black turtleneck, camel-colored scarf, glasses, and tried to stay as low-key as possible (not an easy task considering how fast the camera-phones came out) during his daughter’s big moment. Ms. Redford, who inherited her father’s blonde locks, introduced her movie, taking a moment to single out her star, the out-of-this-world beautiful Saffron Burrows, whom Ms. Redford referred to as “her muse.” MORE …

Colin Farrell Ignores Box Office, Avoids Skiing at Sundance

The premiere for Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges, which stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as two hit men holed up in Belgium, kicked of the Sundance Film Festival last night. While Sara Vilkomerson admired Mr. Farrell’s hair (“gorgeous!” she wrote in an email) Spencer Morgan caught up with the star at the event. Here’s what he had to say: MORE …

Meet Wayne Campbell, Sundance Cowboy


At the No Name Saloon on Main Street last night I discovered the breakout star of Sundance this year. His name is Wayne Campbell and he plays himself in the film North Starr, a film about an aspiring Texan rapper, which is a wild card contender for the dramatic competition. MORE …

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