Planner Swap: Brooklyn Bridge Park Ex-President Takes Successor’s City Job

breaks brooklynbridgepark1h 0 Planner Swap: Brooklyn Bridge Park Ex President Takes Successor’s City JobThe former president of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation has swapped jobs with her successor, taking a position with the city.

In late November, the state appointed as BBPDC president Regina Myer, the senior vice president for planning and design at the city-run Hudson Yards Development Corporation (we have more on Brooklyn Bridge Park in today’s paper). The position had been vacant for about eight months following the Spitzer administration’s dismissal of Wendy Leventer, who led the agency in the Pataki administration.

Ms. Leventer, who crafted the self-sustaining park model at Brooklyn Bridge Park (which is to be maintained with tax revenues from new condos to be developed in the site), has already started her new job (Ms. Meyer’s old job) as senior vice president for planning and design at HYDC, a city spokesman confirmed.

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