Polling Nevada, Debating Upstate, Bloomberg Under Oath

The Governor of Arizona is endorsing Barack Obama. [The Fix]

After New Hampshire, pollsters are scared of trying to poll the Nevada caucus. [Las Vegas Sun]

Rudy Giuiani’s ‘change’ pun last night went nowhere. [Post and Courier]

Daniel Gross says why he thinks, contrary to popular belief, Mitt Romney is not a great candidate to do well in Michigan. [Slate]

Dennis Kucinich wants a New Hampshire recount. [CNN]

Phil Anderson wonders why the fact that there will be debates between Will Barclay and Darrel Aubertine is even news. [Albany Project]

It’s pretty far after the fact, but Gary Ackerman is getting some backlash for voting against the resolution confirming the importance of Christmas. [Queens Crap]

Community Board 6 in Brooklyn is trying to find ways to deal with development. [Browstoner]

Everyone wanted the endorsement of Michigan Right To Life, and nobody is going to get it. [Detroit News]

Michael Bloomberg says, under oath, that he was not planning to run for President in 2006. [The Sun]

The Obama campaign says they had largest number of donors in a single day after the New Hampshire primaries. [Barack Obama]

A new Edwards ad in South Carolina points out he’s the son of a mill worker. [The Page]

Mike Huckabee will appear as one of a number of preachers at the “Rediscovering God in America Conference,” right before the Florida primary. [Jonathan Martin]

And the Giuliani campaign issues a small visual reminder. [Join Rudy]

Polling Nevada, Debating Upstate, Bloomberg Under Oath