Polls: In S.C. McCain and Obama Lead, Edwards Trails

John McCain leads Huckabee 33-23 in South Carolina, with Mitt Romney in third place with 20 percent. Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 44-38, and John Edwards trails at 9 percent. [ARG]

McCain leads Mike Huckabee 28-20 in South Carolina, with Romney at 18 percent and Fred Thompson at 17 percent. [Public Policy Polling]

Obama leads Clinton 41-31 in South Carolina, with Edwards at 13 percent. [Insider Advantage-Majority Opinion]

A tracking poll shows McCain leading Huckabee 29-22 in South Carolina, with Thompson trailing at 14 percent and Romney at 12 percent. [Reuters-Zogby-C-SPAN]

Also in South Carolina, McCain leads Huckabee 29-22. Romney lags significantly at 13 percent, and Thompson has 10 percent. [Clemson University]

McCain leads in Florida with 27 percent to Huckabee’s 20 percent and Rudy Giuliani’s 18 percent. Clinton holds a narrower lead over Obama, 45-39. [Strategic Vision

Clinton and McCain have commanding leads in Pennsylvania. [Franklin and Marshall

Polls: In S.C. McCain and Obama Lead, Edwards Trails