Polls: N.H. Almost as Close as Iowa

Mitt Romney and John McCain are in a dead heat for first place in New Hampshire, while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are statistically tied. [U.N.H.]

Nationally, Rudy Giuliani, Romney and Mike Huckabee are essentially in a statistical tie for first place among Republicans. Clinton still maintains a solid lead over Obama’s second place. [Pew]

Voters say they would see Rudy Giuliani losing both Iowa and New Hampshire as a major sign of trouble for his campaign. They also seem to assign more significance to Iowa results for Obama than for Clinton. [Gallup]

The top three Democrats and the top two Republicans are in statistical ties for first place in Iowa. [Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby]

And essentially the same result for Iowa shows up in another poll. [Strategic Vision]

Polls: N.H. Almost as Close as Iowa