Purnick: Bloomberg's Immigration Remarks 'Parochial'

When Michael Bloomberg took a shot at nameless “xenophobic” politicians in his State of the City speech last week, some observers took it as another overt sign of his interest in running for President.

But New York Times editor and writer Joyce Purnick, who knows how to read Bloomberg, says it’s actually just the opposite.

“Immigration is the third rail of American politics, right?” she said yesterday during an appearance on NY1’s NY-Close Up. “If he were really serious about running for President, there’s no way he could say what he said about immigration.

“I mean, that’s going to appeal to two states, and only some people, in New York and California,” she went on. “But there’s no way you can run for President in this country and be so over-poweringly pro-immigrant. You can run for, maybe, governor of New York, maybe, which I don’t think he is.”

She said later, “He talked about immigration the way Rudy used to talk about immigration. He talked about immigration the way New Yorkers feel about immigration. Not even New Yorkers, say, on Long Island, or in parts of Westchester.”

“I actually think that was a more local, more parochial approach than I’ve heard from him in a long time,” she finished.

Purnick: Bloomberg's Immigration Remarks 'Parochial'