Rather's Lawyers 'Look Forward' to Reviewing Rigler Findings and other Internal CBS Documents

Yesterday the legal teams for Dan Rather and CBS appeared in New York Supreme Court, where they told Justice Ira Gammerman that the two sides had more or less agreed on terms for the discovery process moving forward in Mr. Rather’s $70 million suit against his former bosses.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jim Quinn, a lawyer representing CBS, told the Media Mob that his clients had agreed to turn over the findings of investigator Erik T. Rigler. He also suggested that Mr. Rather would be disappointed by those findings, which would do little to validate Mr. Rather’s case against CBS and Viacom.

Today, Mr. Rather’s legal team sent us the following statement from lawyer Jane G. Stevens in response:

CBS withheld the Rigler documents, and other documents relating to the Thornburgh Panel’s investigation, from Mr. Rather and the public for more than three years. CBS had little choice but to ‘agree’ to produce them now given Judge Gammerman’s denial of CBS’s repeated requests to stop the discovery process. We look forward to reviewing these documents, along with the other evidence that we anticipate will support Mr Rather’s claims of breach of contract, fraud and other misconduct.