Robert Frost Won’t Mind Us Stopping Here to Drink Beer and Set Fires

Robert Frost’s former summer home in Vermont was invaded by partying teenagers, who set fire to his wicker furniture, discharged two fire extinguishers and puked in his living room. Amazingly, they left a gift outright by sparing a small cabin where the famous poet is said to have done some of his writing. It was untouched.

The Associated Press reports:

The intruders broke a window to get into the two-story wood frame building — a furnished residence open in the summer — before destroying tables and chairs, pictures, windows, light fixtures, and dishes.

Wicker furniture and dressers were smashed and thrown into a fireplace and burned, apparently to provide heat in the unheated building, he said.

Empty beer bottles and cans, plastic cups, and cellophane apparently used to hold marijuana were also found.