Ron Paul Is Glad That Giuliani Is Tanking

I bumped into Ron Paul in the lobby of the Des Moines Marriott earlier today and asked him if he was surprised about the rapidly receding public profile of the Rudy Giuliani campaign.

“I’m surprised he even got any attention at all in the beginning,” Paul said.

Paul, of course, has a history with the former mayor going back to a G.O.P. debate in South Carolina, when Giuliani called Paul’s suggestion that American foreign policy was partly to blame for Sept. 11 “absurd.”

The exchange provided Giuliani, who had been struggling to find his early footing in the race, a boost that sustained him for months.

“He has views different than mine,” Paul said. “And I am pleased that mine are going to be more popular than his.”

Ron Paul Is Glad That Giuliani Is Tanking