Rudy Gets Heckled, Says He Can Beat Obama

HUDSON—Rudy Giuliani has now picked up hecklers.

In the midst of a carefully stage-crafted appearance (there was theme music! It was dramatic!) at a town hall-style meeting with hundred or so supporters and undecideds, a man asked, “Are you going to end the baby-killing?” He encouraged Giuliani not to accept communion before repenting from killing babies. The questioner was escorted from the hall.

Later in the event, a corporate lawyer who identified himself as a hard-right conservative asked Giuliani why he should get his vote over Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney.

Giuliani hemmed a bit, saying there were big differences between the Republican and Democratic candidates. He then said there weren’t big differences between the Republicans, except in strength and weakness.

“It comes down to who do you think can win the general election.” He declared that he could beat Barack Obama in November.

Rudy Gets Heckled, Says He Can Beat Obama